Gisselle Loera
May 16, 2017
With a variety of options available to college students to pay off college tuition (scholarships, loans, jobs, etc.), a new seemingly “easier” alternative has increased in popularity; becoming a sugar baby.
Olivia Parker
May 15, 2017
After three years in remission for breast cancer, a Scottsdale woman and her daughter are struggling to decide what is more important; getting tests done to see if her daughter has a chance for cancer or being put in a high-risk pool.
SPOT 127 East
May 15, 2017
Beginning students at SPOT 127 East share their thoughts on timely topics.
SPOT East audio montages
May 15, 2017
Students in the SPOT East beginning class talked about trends in everything from sports to music to transportation in this collection of audio montages.
April 25, 2017
Young adults in the Maryvale YMCA's Y Achievers program participated in an 8-week audio production course at SPOT 127 West Valley Youth Media Center. Participants interviewed one another to learn more about each other's lives and the impact the Y Achievers program has had on their lives.