SERVED Asks: What's your favorite local restaurant?

By Michelle Ailport
September 8, 2017

SERVED. Now, to some, that means little more  than receiving a service. To us here at SPOT 127, we live SERVED. Since 2013, SERVED has been showcasing Valley restaurants, many of them mom-and-pop shops.

At first glance, you might think that SERVED is just a Phoenix thing. Up until now, it has been. Now, we’re national. Over 70 people (that number is rapidly growing) have responded to our survey, including people from Hawaii, Kansas, New York. It has been a fun experience to map out people’s favorite restaurants across the country, and to learn more about why people love the food they love.

Food has the power to unite people around the city, state, country and world. No matter where we are, we all have the need to nourish our cravings, our hefty appetites, ourselves.

Each episode of SPOT 127’s SERVED is an occasion to tell the stories of the places that bring us all together.