Creative Projects

SPOT East audio montages
May 15, 2017
Students in the SPOT East beginning class talked about trends in everything from sports to music to transportation in this collection of audio montages.
art timelapse
May 9, 2017
Many SPOT 127 students are creative in a variety of mediums. Here, two SPOT artists blend the traditional with the digital by recording timelapse videos of their artistic process.
Funny Faces
May 9, 2017
Want a quick bit of comedy? These videos produced by the students of SPOT 127 will bring a smile to your face.
Desert Botanical Garden
April 17, 2017
Students in the Photo Friday class at SPOT 127 West Valley recently visited the Desert Botanical Garden.
through my eyes
December 20, 2016
In fall 2016, SPOT 127 hosted its first-ever Photo Fridays class. Students learned a variety of photography techniques throughout the semester; this is a gallery of the students' favorite work.