Creative Projects

Brand New Lenses
October 3, 2014
#127BrandNewLenses represents SPOT 127 after-school program students' use of vision to manipulate photographs.
In Living Color
October 2, 2014
Find out all about #pws127 -- a collection of photos that use an exaggeration of perspective and color in everyday life.
July 22, 2014
Go along on vacation with two SPOT 127 students. The Magana sisters captured all of the fun of their family trip to Purepero, Michoacán.
Arabian Oryx
June 27, 2014
SPOT 127 Boot Camp participants take a look at the Arabian oryx at the Phoenix Zoo.
June 25, 2014
There has been controversy about the “correct” way to serve cereal -- whether one should pour the milk first or the cereal first. After much deliberation, I have reached a conclusion and, well, here it is.