Group photo of Boys and Girls Club teen leaders with SPOT 127 Instructional Facilitator
This playlist is a collection of audio projects produced by a number of Boys & Girls Club teen leaders that participated in a 1-week audio program at SPOT 127 East in early June, 2017.
Teaser Image for article featuring three students throwing paper airplanes.
Fall 2017 Level 1 students wrote, produced and edited creative short films with the goal of learning how to capture and produce b-roll, or supplemental video footage. They used familiar activities including a thumb war, a paper airplane contest and a dance-off to tell short stories that convey a particular mood.
Student facing camera with green screen behind.
Chroma Key Collection: SPOT 127 students talk about school and involvement in afterschool activities. Student editor/producers are tasked with background removal and replacement (aka "Compositing") to create a fresh look while maintaining the integrity of opinions and experiences of peers.
Two students in an audio interview session.
From Freshman to Seniors, various Arizona high school students share opinions and tell stories related to lunch and arts programs.
Image of 4 photographs captured by students arranged in quadrants with primary color overlay.
Enjoy a collection of student photos in two parts: EDU-Positive LEGO Photos captured in and around Rio Salado College in Tempe, AZ and #PositiveMessaging Photos highlighting creativity and good vibes.
Photograph of a close up head shot of the author.
If you struggle with tickets selling out within seconds for your favorite artist or sports team, you are not alone. SPOT 127 production assistant Caroline Smyrk digs into the crisis on how online ticket bots are making fans miss out.
Single frame image of one interviewee from the film.
Arizona State University undergraduate students discuss their depression and how they’ve learned to treat it through the years, urging students to seek a way to talk it out.
Chinese Cultural Center
SPOT 127 Production Assistant Olivia Parker takes a new approach on the recent plans to demolish Phoenix’s Chinese Cultural Center. By interviewing international students at Arizona State University this story opens doors to new viewpoints on the impact this center has on its visitors and long-lasting community.
Photograph of student protesting in support of DACA
Schools, students, and districts around the valley have rallied their support for Dreamers, as the president’s announcement of DACA’s end has them facing an uncertain future.