Teen Art Night is the center to finding local work from teenage artists, that is put on by teen artists! The night is only open to teens, for them to look at what their fellow generation is producing.
On June 26, Marcy Jones and FOX10 News in Phoenix visited SPOT 127 to capture a partnership between SPOT 127 and Made In Her Image--an all-girls filmmaking camp.
Does SPOT 127, as a youth media center, contribute to the death of print? Us (SPOT 127) production assistants went out to find the answer.
Students in the SPOT East beginning class talked about trends in everything from gaming to music to style in this collection of audio montages.
Visual Storytelling - short stories without dialog or sound.
Kadin talks about this generation’s animadversion to college education and motivation. He explores why it might be beneficial for a lackadaisical demographic to attend college.
Spot 127 Production Assistant Olivia Parker spent this fall uncovering a collaborate space for teens right here in Tempe, Arizona. After interviewing the owner this piece will explain what the space has to offer and how local teens can get involved.
Spot 127 Production Assistant, Daniel Sampedro, visits a group of girls in the new Family Scouting program for a closer look at the new changes to the organization.
Jocelyn Osorio talks about her art and how she uses it to expand herself and inspire her community.
Level 1 students shoot and edit photos for their digital media portfolio. These are examples from the Fall 2018 students at SPOT 127 East.