2019 East Fall Level 1: Audiogram Commentaries

By SPOT 127 Students
January 3, 2020

From our 2019 Fall Level 1 students at SPOT East, groups of students got together to share quick conversations about various teen and social issues of the day. They were recorded and produced with a relevant thumbnail image to then make "audiograms," where you see the corresponding sound wavelengths move with the conversations. Made with Adobe Audition and After Effects.

Watch by clicking on the video screen to the right, and change videos by toggling the icon in the upper right of the video screen.

For this project, students discussed the following topics:

  • Fashion
  • Electric Scooters
  • TikTok
  • School Spirit
  • Video Game Violence
  • Vaping
  • Teen Goals
  • School Systems
  • Slang in Society
  • Social Media Drama
  • Anxiety
  • Mumble Rap
  • Musical Trends
  • Teen Use of Slang
  • Middle School Relationships