BLOOM ON: Tipping Point

By Hamblet Lemus and Michelle Ailport
May 31, 2018

It has been said that when 10% of a group changes group “think” or behaviors, others catch on. For instance, most use a smartphone. Before the touch screen, there was the flip phone and the Blackberry phone with buttons. The smartphone started to become cool when 10% of the population switched from button keypads to flat screens. With this concept of societal change in mind, Jordan, Kat, and Ellie, three peer advocates from BLOOM365, discuss the future of teen dating abuse.

“When you’re looking at teen dating abuse and all the root causes of it, you’re looking at these big societal structures like the patriarchy, forms of oppression, and gender norms and things like that. And being able to uproot and change the way we look at those is a lot harder than saying, ‘Oh, this Blackberry is no longer efficient. I’m going to get an iPhone.”

Hosted by Hamblet Lemus. Produced by Michelle Ailport.