More Than Pride on the Line at Tech Games

By Caroline Smyrk and Victoria Smyrk
April 28, 2014

Can you take the challenge of the Avnet Tech Games? The games are held yearly by Avnet and, by entering into any given technological category, people are eligible for scholarship money to offset their college tuition.

At the ninth annual games, excitement was in the air while teams prepped for the big competition. On a range of age groups, there was nothing but motivation and enthusiasm exuding on faces.

Ken Marlin shared how he found out about the Avnet Tech Games. "I've been involved from the very beginning, so they initially wanted to have a game that would be involving college students that would help them prepare for their careers," he said. So I was asked to see if I could help come up with some games, and I worked with a team to come up with a number of games, and this is our ninth year. I've been doing it for nine years now."

The tech games gave students the opportunity to showcase their skills. They spent months in advance training for the competition.

There was a lot more than pride on the line in the games. Winning teams receive scholarship checks to offset their tuition.

The Avnet Tech Games offer a chance to be educated with the skills needed to possibly have a similar job in the future. It is certainly not an easy task; the students are timed as they compete. However, the months they spend training paid off when they applied the information they learned into a working environment.

The games, which were created with input from faculty, colleges and universities, showcase the brightest students in a world where technology truly matters. The Avnet Tech Games have impacted teachers, businesses, and the educational system of all ages.