SERVED: Novel Ice Cream

By Michelle Ailport
June 7, 2017

On this episode of SERVED, Michelle takes you to her favorite new restaurant. Just minutes from the heart of the city, Novel is serving up deliciously cold treats. Their sorbets are the perfect retreat from the scorching summer here in Phoenix. 

Needless to say, Novel is one of SPOT 127’s favorite ice cream destination. Novel takes good food to a whole new level, setting the standard for modern mom-and-pop shops. 

Brandon and Jennifer Douglas, the husband and wife team serving up their specialties, opened Novel with one goal in mind -- share what they love with Phoenix. It just so happens that what they love (artisan ice creams and sorbets, bottled soda, glazed donuts and novelty cereals) is absolutely scrumptious! 

The kicker: Fat Elvis. It has peanut butter, honey-glazed bananas, and bacon. Yes, bacon. Everything is better with bacon. Decisions, decisions. 

Since March, Novel has relied solely on word of mouth (and the occasional social media post) to get their product out there. And, they certainly have been successful. 

In the next five years, who knows, maybe you’ll find that a Novel has popped up on every street corner. We look forward to that day.