Our Summer 2018 SPOT Reacts series has pairs of students reflecting and commenting on local and national issues, and what are some of the best ways for teens to process the news of the day. These short videos make use of the Mevo Camera to help with live editing. Watch the videos below, and check out our YouTube page for more projects from SPOT 127.


Deportation and Separation of Families

Should children be separated from their families once their parents have been deported? As confusing and messy as immigration policy is for most people, imagine what it must be like to be a child when immigration forces take you away from your parents, possibly speaking a language you don't understand. 


Cosplay Star MomoKun Blames ADHD for Inappropriate Behavior

MomoKun Aka: Mariah Mallad caught Inappropriately groping both men and women at this years Anime Expo in Los Angeles, California. MomoKun has publicly apologized to the victims on her official Instagram. MomoKun has given a break to cosplaying and Anime Expo’s. In her apology she blamed her condition of ADHD being the cause she had inappropriately groped both men and women. MomoKun has received backlash from many and embarrassed the ADHD community.


Indonesian LGBT Persecution via Twitter

A twitter artist named RizzyDraws was reported to the Indonesia government due to laws against the LGBT community. His friend tweeted out information on his situation, explaining that he committed suicide. Afterwards, the good news that he survived, was given. He apparently was taken to a secure, off-the-grid, home to stay.


AZ Teachers March in RED for Ed

As thousands of the state's classroom teachers participated on a Wednesday afternoon during the RedforEd movement, more than 20,000 people had joined Arizona Educators United, a closed Facebook page teachers created Sunday for the demonstration. Arizona teachers wore red to school Wednesday in protest of what many described as the state's lethargic response to a teacher crisis that's driven thousands of qualified educators out of the classroom.


Nobody Helps During A Murder in the Bronx

15 year old Lesandro Guzman-Feliz was brutally attacked by a group of thugs with a machete last month. There were multiple people nearby, but no one helped him, even after the thugs left and Lesandro was still bleeding out from the neck. Why did nobody help him?



Gaming is Now a Mental Disorder

Earlier this year the World Health Organization diagnosed gaming as a official mental disorder. It as now has become a popular debate whether or not gaming is truly a mental disorder. Some feel that gaming is a mental disorder, and some feel that it is not. Today we look at what a gaming mental disorder is, and we discuss about whether or not gaming is truly a mental disorder.


To Record and to Act

 With everyone having a camera in their pocket and social media sharing always on, physical fights are now being recorded and broadcast more than ever. While having evidence of who did what may help with appropriate consequences, when is the right time to record, and when is the right time to step in?


Terry Crews Speaks Out on His #MeToo Moment

Terry Crews spoke before congress about his being sexually assaulted, and not reacting back at the time. Afterwards an outpouring of support and criticism for his lack of action spurred a lot of conversation, particularly for what black males have to consider now with a greater focus on toxic masculinity.


Thailand Kids Trapped In A Cave

A quick adventure after soccer practice turned into a rescue mission after the team of teenage boys and their coach were trapped in a cave for over two weeks. How do you think typical teens like us would react in such a situation? Probably not as well as the kids who managed to be rescued.