Novel Ice Cream
June 7, 2017
On this episode of SERVED, Michelle takes you to her favorite new restaurant. Just minutes from the heart of the city, Novel is serving up deliciously cold treats. Their sorbets are the perfect retreat from the scorching summer here in Phoenix.
Noah Delgado
May 17, 2017
Students at SPOT 127 learn a lot about digital media, and the student eye for creativity is explored in this photo series captured in and around Tempe, AZ in Spring 2017.
Gisselle Loera
May 16, 2017
With a variety of options available to college students to pay off college tuition (scholarships, loans, jobs, etc.), a new seemingly “easier” alternative has increased in popularity; becoming a sugar baby.
Samantha Lee
May 15, 2017
Barrett, The Honors College, professor Dr. Lisa Barca expresses her views and experiences at ASU’s honors community. After only three years at Barrett, Dr. Barca has found a long list of wonderful attributes shared by both the school and its students.
Olivia Parker
May 15, 2017
After three years in remission for breast cancer, a Scottsdale woman and her daughter are struggling to decide what is more important; getting tests done to see if her daughter has a chance for cancer or being put in a high-risk pool.