Brand New Lenses
October 3, 2014
#127BrandNewLenses represents SPOT 127 after-school program students' use of vision to manipulate photographs.
In Living Color
October 2, 2014
Find out all about #pws127 -- a collection of photos that use an exaggeration of perspective and color in everyday life.
September 18, 2014
This episode of SPOT 127's "Served" takes you on a tour of family-owned Someburros in Chandler with a little help from the new generation.
The Western School of Science and Technology
September 14, 2014
Several charter and prep schools have popped up in Maryvale in response to parental demand, a high ratio of students to schools and a desire to disprove stereotypes about the area's students.
August 28, 2014
Young undocumented immigrants in the Valley are keeping an eye on a legal fight over Arizona driver's licenses.