Fall 2016 Students Produce Podcasts

By SPOT 127 West Students
December 20, 2016

Students in the fall 2016 class recorded podcasts on a wide variety of topics, sharing their views on everything from the presidential election to bullying. 

Track 1: the hosts are Celeste Trevino and Victoria Morales. They talked about the recent scare at Maryvale High School and the impact it had on the students.

Track 2: Sixteen-year-old Isabella Romero voices her opinion of this year's presidential candidate Donald Trump and shares her thoughts about some of the statements he has made. Being unable to express her outlook of her country’s future through voting, Isabella uses this interview to explain how very important this election is for younger generations. Song: “Chocolate River”; Artist: Silent Partner Sources: twitter.com/realdonaldtrump

Track 3: Host Kaitlin Bonfante and co-host Jearim Apodaca discuss the history of Halloween and how it got to be the way it is today. Music: Intimidation, purple-planet.com; Spook and Spook 2, PeriTune (from youtube.com).

Track 4: In this podcast ,host Kaitlin Bonfante and co-host Jearim Apodaca discuss the Cold War and the Berlin Wall. Music: Fearless First , www.incomptech.com.

Track 5: Yahoo was hacked in 2014, and two years later Yahoo has announced that 500 million emails were breached. Host Anthony Washington talks to his guest Duncan McDannell about the incident.

Track 6: Diego de la Vara, and his three guests Fawn Elmer, Brandon Vanwinkle and Reganne Shepard, discuss healthcare for the mentally ill in the US. The four focus on personal experiences with mental illness. Song: “Secret of Tiki Island”; Artist: Kevin MacLeod

Track 7: Host Dominik Deciga and co-Host Carlos Garcia-Aguirre interviewed their guests Wesley Stubbs and Ramiro Valencia on the recent rise in the popularity of professional gaming. Song:  "Eternity" by Kevin MacLeod

Track 8: Host Reganne Shepard along with guests, Fawn Elmer, Diego de la Vara, and Brandon Vanwinkle discuss current racial tensions within the U.S., and, in their opinion, if the Black Lives Matter movement is to blame. Music is provided by Bensound

Track 9: Host Fawn Elmer was joined by Diego de la Vara, Reganne Shephard and Brandon Vanwinkle to talk about their opinions on feminism and how it's changed over the years. Songs: "Lost Signal" by R&W; "Memories", Bensound

Track 10: The host is Dania Rios Trejo with guests Dominik, Laura and Daniela. The group explores bullying awareness and its effect on people. Songs: "Chance, Luck, Errors in Nature", "Fate, Destruction As A Final", "Cool Rock" From: Youtube Audio Library.

Track 11: Pop on the SPOT: Host Anthony Washington and team discuss pop culture's influence on today's teens.

Track 12: Host Iris Chavez and her guest Lorenzo Martinez-Lara talk about weird laws that take place in Arizona. Song: Funk Suspense