SPOTcasts: Season 3

By SPOT 127 Students
September 12, 2019

In our third season of SPOTcasts, our students discuss topics of the day that interest and impact them, both globally and as teens and residents of Arizona. While recording in a typical podcast format, we utilized a multi-cam setup to video record the conversation, a style a lot of popular podcasts have adopted. Watch by clicking on the video screen to the right, and change videos by toggling the icon in the upper right of the video screen, and thanks for checking out SPOTcasts.

In Season 3, SPOT students discuss:

  • Are We Forgetting About 9/11?
  • The Alabama Abortion Law
  • Being Respectful When Traveling Abroad
  • Cancel Culture on Social Media
  • College Student Homelessness
  • Gun Violence in America
  • Charges Against A Cowardly Cop
  • Do Online Creators Need More Accountability?
  • Police Brutality and Body Cams in Arizona
  • Promoting Hate Culture for Popular Gain