The Wayne Smith

By Olivia Parker
December 12, 2018

On the corner of Rural and Broadway in Tempe, Arizona lies a hidden gem called the Wayne Smith. This collaborative space offers everything from work spaces to outdoor open mic nights. Owner Salim Zeitoun and Artistic director Sean Hoy sat down to talk about what makes it stand out in the community.


“The fact that it’s a house, I thought that was amazing. And the fact that we were able to make the rooms into different feels. We have some places where is very  collaborate some where it's very quiet. So honestly the building just made it really easy.”


Just behind the main building is what from the outside looks like a typical old shack, but on the inside holds a lot of exciting events for people of all ages.


The cool thing about the Shack is A; the owner Salim has given me the ability to do all the things I do. Which is anything from hosting events, podcasting, to art itself. So it houses everything I do and have personally been doing for my lifetime into one little space.


But we offer all sorts of things from teen improv comedy classes to adult improv comedy classes to-hey if people want to come in and do their own podcast to paint with your pet and they can their paws into the little paint themselves. So it’s a wide range but it’s more on the creativity level. I’m all about people being creative, if they want.


We do regular improve events, regular music events like open mic night. We do some work with some non-profits like the Arc of Tempe do things like painting. Those are the pretty consistent ones we do them at least one a week or every other week. From there we should be adding some more hands on-like workshops, and working with some local artists like Jake Early. He’s somebody who is pretty well known in the area.  So we’re kind of expanding as we go but those are the pretty consistent ones we do now. We have some music, some art, and some comedy the three categories which Sean--that’s kind of his background he can spearhead that.”


I am starting my whole Saturday; kids in improv kids in acting. I’m currently writing a play as well its called Trending Man. So every Saturday we’re going to be doing a play or something in the arts. That’s more on the acting- I don’t want to say the serious side but more of the performing arts on Saturdays.


We definitely do have enough space to have multiple things going on at different times. What we do with our membership plan is we have some areas are available in the evenings.  So we can have some areas available in the evenings inside. So we have some workshops in the evenings inside or events inside.


We’re doing a lot of at shows. So we are want it (to be) very involved with be it high school art group college art group. Or even just people who say ‘Man I wonder if I can draw or paint’.” So to me I would like to get a group of teens maybe six or seven and literally create an art show.

And for parents or teens that think they could not afford to attend programs like this, that will not be problem with The Wayne Smith.

We don’t want student to ever feel hindered by not having money. So we’re going to set up a whole  scholarship program. We’ll cover it.


For teens looking for a place not only to come after school, but a place to truly express your creativity the Wayne smith is the place to go.


Come and express yourself in any sort of format you want that’s the key. And that’s there’s no judgment here no bullying. I mean you literally come through the door and it’s literally a blank slate with whatever you want to do.


For Spot 127,

I’m Olivia Parker


Memorable quote:

I mean you literally come through the door and it’s literally a blank slate with whatever you want to do.- Sean Hoy, Artistic Director


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