January 10, 2020
To start the Fall 2019 semester, students at SPOT West had a heavy dose of Adobe Photoshop. Students each created two products, a short collection of edited and enhanced staged photographs and individual business card designs.
Escape from the Office
January 6, 2020
This fall, Level 2 students of SPOT East produced video short films and audio commentary projects aimed at increasing student scripting skills.
Amber Reflection
January 6, 2020
These videos are our East student's first foray into video production, with a touch of interviewing skill development. Students were tasked with arranging shot set-up for interviews, along with asking questions about each other's experience so far at SPOT.
Teen Goals Audiogram Thumbnail
January 3, 2020
From our 2019 Fall Level 1 students at SPOT East, groups of students got together to share quick conversations about various teen and social issues of the day.
Books going digital
January 2, 2020
These pieces were created from our Production Assistant Interns, who have had advanced training and are tasked with creating high quality pieces for their own portfolio development when not helping students or instructors. Here are the works from our East PAs this past Fall.